When you suffer from yeast infections on a frequent basis, you may find yourself feeling as if you simply cannot get yourself back on track with your health and the pH balance in your body.  Yeast infections are frustrating, uncomfortable, and make you feel as if you just are not quite right. In order to better get control of your health and get those yeast infections under control and eradicated completely, you need to get to know some of the more effective treatment options for yeast infections. Get to know nine of the highly effective solutions for yeast infections available through gynecologists or natural medicine right here in Austin, Texas so that you can begin feeling better as soon as possible.

9 Highly Effective Solutions For Yeast Infections

Screening At Home To Properly Diagnose

The most effective solution to your yeast infections is to test yourself at home to be sure you actually have a yeast infection rather than bacterial vaginosis. These two conditions present similarly and share symptoms like itching and burning. A simple home screening test can give you an indication of your vaginal pH and tell you if you have a yeast infection or not.

Oral Antifungal Medications

If you do to the gynecologist for your yeast infection, you will likely be prescribed with an oral antifungal medication. These medications generally only require a single pill taken as soon as you pick it up from the pharmacist. This antifungal pill goes to work quickly and within 24 hours, you may begin to feel relief from your symptoms.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Another way to help get rid of your yeast infections and to prevent future infections is to change up your underwear game. Cotton underwear that breaths and does not cause moisture build-up that makes for an ideal environment for yeast to develop and grow can make all the difference in the world.


Your body needs to be in balance in order to prevent infections. The best dietary way to keep a proper pH balance in your vagina is to consume probiotics. You can take a probiotic supplement available at vitamin stores or you can consume yogurt with probiotics and live active cultures.

Over-the-Counter Antifungal Suppositories

Another effective treatment option for your yeast infections is an over-the-counter antifungal option. These suppositories are inserted directly into the vaginal canal. They come in different varieties and different medications in either one or three day varieties.

Go Commando

An alternative to cotton underwear for breathability is to go without underwear at all. While this may not be an ideal solution all the time, when you are at home relaxing or you are sleeping, going commando would be a great idea.

Boric Acid Capsules

Sometimes, prescriptions or over-the-counter antifungal medications do not seem to do the trick for yeast infections. Boric acid capsules inserted into the vagina can actually resolve these infections in some cases. This natural treatment has potent antifungal properties.

Drink Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is also a natural antifungal herb that can help you to feel better as quickly as possible. Drinking chamomile tea two or three times a day will get the herb into your system quickly and allow it to begin working to fend off your yeast infection.

Use Cranberries

Cranberries are known for being beneficial to the urinary tract and helping to clear out the urinary tract and vagina of unhealthy bacteria and fungi. Cranberry can be consumed as a whole fruit as a snack, in juice form, or as a dietary supplement. You can even drink cranberry teat if you prefer.

Now that you know 9 highly effective solutions for yeast infections, you can better take care of your health now and in the future.