Planning for some renovating or styling you home, but have no idea how to get started? Here are a few suggestions that you would want to consider.


One of the most popular parts of the house you would want to take into consideration is the flooring. Depending on the budget and the style you desire to achieve, there are a number of flooring materials you can choose from. Most common are hard wood, vinyl, parquet, and ceramic tiles.

We have some samples of the most popular flooring styles based on the theme associated with the interior design. We have presented here the rustic theme which is at the first photo. Second photo shows the flooring styles best for a coastal theme, ideally found in beach houses. The third photo used tiles to achieve a contemporary look, while the last photo used hard wood for a Country style look.


Flat panel wainscoting design across the walls and stairwells will greatly add value to their beauty. It creates an ambience of traditional elegance. No matter what design of the wood panels you put in and how much of the wall’s height is being covered, the sophistication it brings is still undeniable.

Even in modern times, wall panel trimmings is still widely used due to its ability to instantly make the room look more elegant and sophisticated. Pair it with a classical designed chandelier and lamps, and voila! – You have now achieved the traditional English feel in your home.

6 Awesome Ideas To Remodel Your Home

Choosing the right paint for your walls is still the best trick. You can play with different color schemes depending on what suits your preference. You can go with either dark or deep colors or you can go with lighter shades or pastels. You may also want to use vibrant colors to make a happier feel. Well, it really depends on your choice and the look you are trying to achieve in styling your home.

Wall papers are an alternative to paints though they are more costly and costs more time to install. The advantage of wall papers on the other hand is that they have thousands of designs and colors starting from the plainest to the most intricate ones.

6 Awesome Ideas To Remodel Your Home

Smart Storage

Even in larger homes where there is enough space for keeping and organizing stuff, having a well-designed storage has always been a challenge. This challenge is even greater in smaller homes or apartments where the space for keeping and organizing stuff is limited. Choose furniture that allows storage. Also be creative with cabinetry, design the ones that allow dual to multiple functions.


There is a wide array of options for lighting your home. You can go for the highly luminous ones, or for a more quiet illumination. You can also have a more expensive, energy-efficient lighting fixture, or settle for cheaper but is non cost-efficient. Choose the lighting fixtures that best suit your style, budget and the function they need to fulfill.

6 Awesome Ideas To Remodel Your Home

Indoor Plants

You don’t need to have your own garden or a large space outdoors to have some greens. You can use any indoor plants to help you beautify your home, and at the same time enjoy a cleaner air circulating in your house.

Carpets or rugs

Rugs and carpets are an old-time friend when it comes to interior design. They’re not only a good accent but should also look good and feel good on the feet. The type of rug or carpet you need to use is depending on your personal preference, size of the area where it will be placed, and its maintainability. You want to achieve a luxurious feel, go for the fluffy, high-pile rugs. If you want a sturdy one, choose the low-pile rugs for they are easier to clean and maintain.

6 Awesome Ideas To Remodel Your Home

Add personality to your interior. Hang some wall decors or wall arts. You can also have a piece or two of an artwork to complement your style. You can now start styling or renovating your home. Don’t settle for a simple W-O-W, go for the BIG WOOOWW.