ID-10087499If you are eager to enter a popular, fulfilling career consider becoming a nurse. Nursing can offer you a high-paying, stable and enriching career path. Nurses are trained to treat, educate, record data, operate machinery and administer medications.Consider reading articles like Nurses in America: Where They’re Going, Where They’ve Been, to better understand what being a nurse entails.

Embracing the different duties of being a nurse can help you decide whether or not this career path is for you.

Perform Strict Due Diligence on Your Niche

Even though you might be excited to help and heal through a fulfilling nursing career it’s important to paint a full picture of your duties. Nursing is an enriching, rewarding and sometimes stressful career. Dealing with suffering or dying patients can be an emotionally-draining experience. Learn all that you can about the nursing field to understand the pro’s and con’s of becoming a nurse.

Choose Your Path

Since you must graduate from an approved nursing program before gaining employment consider your options. You can receive a Bachelors of Sciences in Nursing through a traditional 4 year college or university. An Associate’s Degree in Nursing can be pursued through a community college over a 2 year span. A Licensed Practical Nurse Degree can be acquired through a community college, vocational-technical school, or through a year-long training program at a hospital.

Create a Watch List of Nursing Schools

Decide if you want to get your nursing degree online, at a large university or local community college. Busy moms or full time workers might go the online or night school route. New high school graduates could consider attending to a 4 years university to maximize their chances at landing their dream job.

Consider factors like the cost of school, depth and reputation of the nursing program and the proximity of the school from your home if you will be commuting. Do as much research as possible to find a potential list of schools which suit your needs.

Find Your Specialty

Gauge where you can best apply your skills by finding your specialty. Choose from careers like pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, maternal health, critical care or adult health. Each niche provides you with an outlet through which you can care for others while specializing in your field of choice.

After selecting your specialty you can scale down your watch list and pick the proper school. Get clear on why you want to move down a specific career path to release on non matches. Being faced with a massive list of choices can feel overwhelming. Gaining clarity helps you narrow down your list of options quickly.

Land the Ideal Job

After graduating from school, research career possibilities to find potential matches for your areas of expertise. Dig deep into orientation programs. First year turnover rates in nursing related jobs are high in a competitive, stressful field. Ensure that you will receive proper training before you pick the ideal job.  Demand that your place of employment matches you up with a preceptor, or helpful, experienced teacher, to cut down your learning curve. If you can receive support and access to training you might have landed the ideal nursing job.

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