Banner advertising has been used for ages. You see banners everywhere. You see it in the middle of a TV show, you see it on the street, and of course, you see it online. There are many businesses that are utilizing banner advertisement as a means to attract more customers to their business. This advertising method has been proven to be effective since the day before the internet even exist. Here are 5 things that make people click on your banner ad:

1.Use Reverse Psychology

People are attracted more toward your banner ad if you use reverse psychology in the way you write your ad. For instance, you can write your banner ad like this: “Don’t Click Unless You Want To Make $3000/Month Easily”. This is called reverse psychology. Telling people not to do something will encourage them to do that. This method is very effective to make people click on your banner ad quickly.

2.Use Smooth Design For Your Banner

You have to use smooth design for your banner. It means that you need to keep your banner ad design good for the eyes.For instance, using solid blue color for the background and white color for the text will give you a smooth effect for your banner. It will look clean and professional. Don’t use too many effects in your banner because it will decrease people’s interest toward clicking it.

3.Use Smooth Animation For Your Banner

People also interested more to animated banner ad. So, you should consider making your banner ad animated nicely. The rule is still the same. Use smooth design for each frame in your banner. And make the frame transition as smooth as possible. It will be pleasing to see if you can make your banner animation smooth. It will also be more inviting for your audience to click on it.

4.Use Enticing Offer

What do you offer to your audience? Make sure that you can give enticing offer to them. Either give discount or free stuff in your banner ad. This will encourage people to visit your website. Remember that you only have very limited spot to communicate your offer. So, use your words wisely. You have to be able to attract people’s attention in the short amount of time. Use reverse psychology as well as power words to make your banner more enticing.

5. Advertise On Relevant Places

Remember that relevancy is an important factor for you to consider. If you put your banner in an irrelevant website, it won’t give you maximum CTR even though that website has a lot of traffic. Put your banner only on relevant websites. In this way, your investment will bring a positive result. Be as relevant as possible. Study each website before placing your banner ad on it. Find the most relevant words for your banner ad that suit well with the website content or theme.

Those are 5 things that make people click on your banner ad. Remember that it is a matter of making your banner attractive and inviting for your audience. If you follow the tips above, you can make people click on your banner quickly.

Jake is a seo consultant and a part time blogger with great interest in writing insightful articles on how seo can bring business and new customers. One such article he wrote was on dental clinic marketing, where he signifies how SEO can help bring more dental patients.