The most educated countries are those which spend a major percentage of their budget on education. A well educated nation is a great resource for its development and prosperity. In developed nations, 70% of the adults obtain the college degree, while most of the underdeveloped countries lack even the basic educational resources. The dropout rate at high schools is also greater in the underdeveloped and less educated nations. According to the Organization of Cooperation and Development ( OECD), for a country to be highly educated, an average of $13,957 should be spent on its every student.

Here is a list of the top 5 educated nations of the world.

  • Russia

The Russian Federation has the highest percentage of adults having either a college degree or its equivalent. More than half of the citizens are highly educated. Surprisingly, the Russian government hasn’t spent a lot on its third level or tertiary education. The average amount of money it spent on the students is a lot lesser than the one proposed by OECD, but it still has an extraordinary volume of educated citizens.

  • Canada

The students at all the levels of education in Canada are very knowledgeable. This must be because the Canadian government spends more than the given OECD average on its nation. Over 50% of the Canadian population has obtained the higher education and a college degree. The literacy rate stands at 99 per cent, which is amazing. The Canadian students are also known to have performed extraordinarily against students from other countries for solving mathematical problems at PISA (Program for International Students’ Assessment).

  • Japan

Japan is one of those countries that spends a lot on its higher education and most of it comes from private spending. Japanese families tend to save a lot of money for the education of their children. The private spending is, though, liable to civil issues, but it still has secured a place in the most educated nations of the world. The Japanese students have also showed an outstanding performance at the Program for International Students’ Assessment, PISA.

  • Israel

It is mandatory for most of the 18 years old Israelis to get two-year military education. This is the reason why most of the students here get their college degrees later than the students from other countries in the world. This compulsion still hasn’t made the education level go down, and a great percentage of Israeli adults acquire high level degrees. It extends a very extensive and well developed education system, and the Israeli universities have been kept on showing up in the list of the top 500 universities of the world.

  • United States of America

USA spends the highest on its tertiary education, almost double the average proposed by OECD. Although the college dropout rate is quite high, even then 42% of adults complete their tertiary education. The level of education varies within different states. Places where most of the spending goes to gambling dens like Nevada or online casino, like MansionCasino for example, the education level is 21%, while the states which are the hub of educational development, like D.C., the percentage goes up to 71%. The fact that educational institutes and the syllabus being taught in the universities of USA are highly developed is one of the reasons why this country is ranked as one of the most educated nations.