Going to college is important for a number of reasons, especially in this day and age. Maybe fifty years ago, people would go to college because they knew with a fair amount of certainty that a job with a moderately decent income was waiting for them when they graduated. These days, however, the job market is saturate and it’s a digital world out there, which means that jobs are more complex. On top of that, there are more and more people vying for those jobs, which is leaving many recent grads out on a limb. Imagine spending all that money on tuition and not being able to score a job. However, you can increase your chances of scoring a high earning job based on the major you choose. Here are five extremely lucrative college majors.

  1. Computer Science

This is a broad field, but with the current technology boom, giant tech companies are swooping up talented recent grads in hoards. With a computer science degree, you could become a programmer. Some top programmers who go off to work on apps, or startups, can make upwards of six figures a year. Plus, if you go job-hunting in a city like San Francisco or Seattle, you could stand to make even more.

  1. Business Administration

Another lucrative major is business administration. With this degree, you can work in many different industries, but always at or near the top. As the CEO or COO of a major company, you could make a six to seven figure salary, on top of scoring bonuses. In the meantime, though, you may become a manager or regional manager of a medium sized company, because it is always important to start somewhere. With a business degree from USC Online, you can do almost anything.

  1. Mathematics

This is an ambiguous degree, but it can offer an umbrella of sorts to a number of other more precise fields. You could go into tech, or you could go into information technology building algorithms. Whatever the case is, a mathematics degree will give you a chance to get your foot in the door of many different lucrative and high paying careers. There aren’t a lot of people out there with a passion for math.

  1. Art Consulting

Right now, the art world is exploding. Some are calling it a bubble, but others are calling it a safe and exciting market that will inevitably ebb and flow – without bursting. There are a lot of people out there that are looking to build their art collections – because they appreciate art and because they want to put their money into something that appreciates – not depreciates. As an art consultant, you could make a decent annual salary.

  1. Graphic Design

On top of everything, you may want to think about getting a graphic design degree. You could be designing websites, logos or even motion graphics – all of these jobs pay incredibly well. You could be working for yourself, or you could find a job in an agency. In the end, you will have the chance to make a lot of money, especially if you work hard and if you hone your craft.