Do you dream of owning a bustling bakery? Maybe you have a knack for making delicious desserts you want to share with the public. If so, you can start the process by making a list of supplies for your new business. Look at just a sampling of the items you need to build a busy, successful bakery.

5 Essential Items For A Successful Bakery

Reach-In Refrigerators

At least one reach-in refrigerator is a must-have in a bakery. It’s an ideal place to put dough, milk, butter and other dairy products. This type of refrigerator allows you to grab what you need without searching under other items like you would in a freezer. Also, reach-in refrigerators are available in many sizes, so you can find a suitable one for the dimensions of your bakery.

Plenty of Counter Space

Lots of counter space in a bakery is another must-have. You’ll use the counter space to roll dough, cut pieces of dough and load donuts, rolls and other items onto pans. You’ll use it to prepare quantities of dough that will rise and be used the next day. Of course, you’ll have a conveniently located sink, so you have access to water and have somewhere to put used dishes. It’s virtually impossible for a bakery to have too much counter space because there is always a clear area needed to accomplish the next task.

High-Powered Mixers

High-powered mixers are helpful in a bakery that enjoys lots of regular customers. They allow you to mix large amounts of ingredients at one time. Plus, many high-powered mixers have timers on them, so you can dump in the ingredients and move on to finish other tasks. A high-powered mixer should be durable, easy to use and easy to clean so it is always available to you for whatever imaginative creation you are making.

Sturdy Racks

A collection of sturdy racks in a bakery can hold bowls, pans and even ingredients such as canisters of sugar, flour and salt. Different sizes of racks are meant to support different types of items. Make sure your racks have bakery casters made to handle the amount of weight you want to put on the rack. Also, check to see if they are designed to endure the high temperatures common in a bakery with lots of ovens at work throughout the day.

A Variety of Pans and Utensils

Pie, bread, cake and muffin pans are a just a few of the supplies you should get for your bakery. It is essential to have the right pan for each specific item. Plus, having several of each means you never have to wash a pan before you can start a new creation. Some of the most common utensils found in a bakery are measuring cups, prep spoons, sifters, rolling pins, spatulas and decorating tubes. These can be stored in plastic bins kept on a metal rack. Labeling the plastic bins makes it even easier to find the utensil you’re looking for with a quick glance.

Finally, one of the most important items for your bakery is a box full of delicious bread, muffin and doughnut recipes! You want to open a bakery known for selling breads, doughnuts, muffins and other delectable items with a unique, memorable taste.