Oral health is very important for your body health.In order to make sure your tooth’s health,you need to destroy some bad habits.Here are 5 bad habit that may cause your problems.

1.Use your tooth as a Bottle Opener

We may see many people use their tooth to open the bottle or package,but this is very dangerous. Do not use your tooth as a bottle opener,scissor or other tools as it may increase the risk of gingival tissues’ injury.

2.Do not use Blade Guard when you Exercise

Blade Guard can protect your tooth from damage or broken when you exercise.Not only professional athlete need it,but also everyone.We do have some emergency during exercise so try to find some local emergency dentist to help you, Melbourne emergency dentist is great,they are very fast.

5 Bad Habits You Won’t Do For Your Tooth

3.Chewing Ice-cube

For the reason to cold down the drink quickly, many people like to adding some Ice-cubes.But if you use your tooth to chewing the ice-cube, it may increase the risk of damage to your teeth.

4.Clean your Teeth After a Meal

If you clean your tooth after lunch or dinner, it will do more harm than good to your enamel.You should wait for half an hour to encourage saliva, which neutralises the acid.Sometimes you should also need to go to a dentist for your tooth clean and check, Parramatta dentist is my favorite dentist in Sydney.They are close to the train station and professional.

5.Take some Lozenges when you get a Cold

Sometimes when you get a cold, many people like to buy some lozenges.Even it has satisfactory effect,but as it is a great source of sugar that can be damage to your enamel.

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