4 Ways To Reduce Your CIS Footprint On Society

I remember the blissful ignorance in which I was immersed whilst making my way through grade school, the simple 2-way split between ‘boys’ and ‘girls’, the way they would make ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ hold hands as they would cross the street, underlining the subtleties of the ingrained rape-culture that undoubtedly continues today. But what if I said YOU can do your part as a CIS-gendered person to help reduce your toxic (although not always deliberate) mark on everyday life? Get comfortable!

1. Pronouns: Educate yourselves!

Ze, hir, and hirs. It’s not that hard, and the beauty of it is: If in doubt, ALWAYS use the femayle variant. Humans are all femayle up until they receive a particular dose of testosterone (the building block of toxic masculinity) at a developmental stage, so if you’re not quite sure on how to proceed, womyn all the way!

2. Give your children non-gender names

River, Xander, Gray, Sky, Blanket, Apple and Table are just some of your options, but the rule of thumb is to keep it neutral. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be pregnant with a white male (It’s not too late to terminate!), the battle is only just beginning against his natural rape urges. I wish you the best of luck as neutral names only get you so far…

Use this chart to navigate your way to becoming a better person

3. Call people out for gender assumptions.

Our army of moral feminists can’t do all the work ourselves, if you see someone being referred to, or addressed with CIS pronouns, quietly take them aside and run them through the details of the above mentioned point 1. It’s that easy!

4. Stay out of gender discussions. Period.

If you identify as ‘straight’ and more importantly off-white, then you’ve absolutely no place in debate (as if there should even be any) or to provide dialogue on any LGBTQ+ issues at all. White CIS-gendered people have enjoyed their safe spaces for far too long, is it really too much to demand that we, as the silent majority have our place to discuss problems? Bring in the rhyme scheme I say: If you’re white, you’ve no right!

And there it is people, four easy steps to ensure that you don’t fall victim to being anther insufferable CIS person. Pretty simple huh?

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Hailey Altmigi

Lifetime Asian, long time feminist. I believe in righting the cultural wrongs with western society by promoting awareness through activism and education, to eradicate toxic, social constructs for the benefit of the oppressed and slight of voice. I identify as non-binary, and politically I have a communist leaning world view. I've achieved a bachelor's degree in journalism and sociology.