A lot of women don’t have the patience and the time to put on fake eyelashes. So, it’s no wonder that eyelash extensions in Victoria have become a trend nowadays.

Eyelash extension provides added volume and length to existing eyelashes with the use of false lashes, normally applied by a professional one at a time. These extensions are permanently glued, which makes them last longer compared to other false lashes, and if applied correctly will feel and look like normal eyelashes. However, before you getting one, you must know a few facts about eyelash extensions.

4 Things You Should Know About Eyelash Extensions

It’s a relaxing process

The process of applying lash extension is very enjoyable. You just lie and then close your eyes while a professional plays relaxing music in the background as he/she attaches the extension to your lashes. For working women, the process is a socially acceptable naptime. And if the things mentioned aren’t enough for you, there are salons that give a complimentary massage while the lashes are being applied to you.

Applying must be done by a professional

Just because one of your friends who has her own DIY lash extension kit that she bought online tell you that she knows how to apply eyelash extensions doesn’t mean that you will let her do it to your lash. According to an expert in New York City, improper application of the lash extension can lead to side effects like losing eyelashes, irritation, and spacing between the natural and applied lashes. So just make sure that you let professionals apply the eyelash extension to avoid such nasty side effects.

You can wear makeup with them

If the idea having lash extension will let you abandon your smoky eyes, then don’t fret, because you don’t need to. The only thing product that can damage your lash extensions are liquid-based products, however, you can always use liquid liners as long as you don’t drag it along the eyelash line. And it’s also important to remember that in removing the liner or shadow, use Q-tips and oil-free makeup remover. And most of all do not use mascara for it will make the extensions brittle and damaged.

There are various varieties of lash extensions

There are three known kinds of eyelash extensions, which are silk, synthetic, and mink. You can have various looks depending on the thickness and length of the lashes. For example, if you want a cat eye style, extra millimeters added to the outer lashes will give you such effect. There are even salons like Studio Kanti that offer eyelsyash extensions in various colors if you are daring enough.