Security modifications for automobiles and homes are beneficial in almost any circumstance—whether you’re surviving a disaster or just living your day-to-day life. When safety and protection are of prime concern, any modifications or alterations can be life-changing and life-saving.

4 Must-Have Security Mods for Your Car and Home

In order to make a car safer, there are four security mods that can be made to protect both the vehicle and its owner. These must-have security modifications include:

Remote Notification Auto Alarm

Any standard auto alarm system should include remote notification. An audible signal notifies the vehicle owner that someone is tampering with or vandalizing the vehicle. Simple alarms that only make noise are largely ignored by the public. Unless you’re close enough to hear it, an alarm that only honks is mostly useless.

Locking Gas Gap

Prevent fuel theft and vandalism by using a locking gas cap. Some gas caps are available as threaded or push on depending on the type of vehicle. Fuel is a precious, expensive resource, and this simple modification can save life and wallet.

Remote Starter

If a vehicle is parked in a dark parking lot at night or a public garage, a remote starter can unlock a car, start its engine, and even activate a horn all from a distance, which saves the driver from possible interaction with stalkers and thieves. Not only is it good for security but also a handy device for getting to and from a vehicle during harsh weather conditions. Most systems don’t allow the vehicle to be driven without the key in the ignition, so you don’t need to worry about a thief taking your running car.

Security Film for Car Windows

Various types of security film for car windows are available to protect against glare, ultraviolet (UV) interior damage as well as added privacy through the darkest legal window tints on the market.

More protective film options, according to the experts at Instant Windscreens, include high level infused films that actually keep glass intact to prevent breakage by vandals, thieves and looters. There are even security films that lower the chances of intrusion from electronic devices, which especially helps vehicle owners with integrated antennas. They not only provide clear reception but they cancel out interference from telephone, radio and satellite navigation systems.

Making a home safer is equally important as a vehicle. Here are four more must-have security features for your home:

Alarm Systems

There are many types of alarm systems some can be installed by professional security companies, or there are wireless alarm kits that can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer. Make sure to cover all doors and windows, and don’t forget to include a shattered window detector in each room.

Deadbolt Locks

A properly installed deadbolt needs a sturdy door frame to lock into. Consider reinforcing the door frame with heavy wood or even metal to keep it from simply getting kicked down. More expensive deadbolt options include mechanisms that make the locks tamper-free, which means they cannot be picked by an intruder.

Security Doors and Windows

Security doors can provide protection to both entrances and exits in a house, particularly with those made of steel, which greatly reduces the chances of break-ins. Steel window coverings and bars are also good deterrents to would-be thieves. As in automobiles, if you don’t want to deal with unsightly bars over the windows, you can go with a shatter-proof security film—though this may not be as secure.

Warning labels and signs

A good psychological deterrent are window and door labels that state that an alarm is present or security cameras are in use. The best security system is one that never needs to be tested.

There are many choices for both auto and home security and those mentioned here are just a few of those available. Depending on the needs and budget limitations of safety conscious individuals, researching security options is a good starting point for any security-related matter.