Job security is a precious commodity; a boon when times are good and a welcome relief when the economy dips too low for comfort. You want to find a position that appreciates knowledgeable, hardworking employees instead of relying on technology to get the tasks done. If you can land a steady job with decent pay, so much the better—but where are those jobs?

Get a Job That Makes People Smile

4 High-Paying Careers with Job Security

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Everybody needs a dentist, and with an annual salary of more than $120,000, it’s a secure career opportunity that really pays. However, you’ll also pay to become a dentist, in terms of time and money spent on your education. If dentistry appeals to you and if you’re intrigued by the vast amount of job opportunities you find at Kool Smiles, think about becoming a dental assistant or hygienist instead.

For dental hygienists, the average salary is around $66,000-$69,000, which is no small shake. As a hygienist or dental tech, you get to take part in routine cleanings as well as more intense and invasive procedures. You’ll take X-rays, administer medication, and help keep your patients calm and unafraid.

Rack Up Security with Your RN

4 High-Paying Careers with Job Security

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Nurses are integral parts of the healthcare industry. RNs stand at the forefront of the field, with endless duties that aid the doctors, the patients, and their colleagues. As an RN, you’ll make anywhere from $72,000-$79,000, but your rewards go far beyond money. You’ll help save lives, soothe scared children, comfort injured people, and even offer a therapeutic ear to patients who simply need someone to listen. Nurses are angels and superheroes, all wrapped up in one much-needed package.

Discover the Pleasures of Teaching

4 High-Paying Careers with Job Security

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Education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to someone else. Because of that, teachers at every level are both important and regrettably undervalued. If you think that hiring freezes make this a career distinctly lacking in security, think again. While some areas have hiring freezes, others have severe teacher shortages. Whether your dream js teaching first graders or becoming a college professor, the jobs are there—and so is the need.

Train to Drive the Big Rigs

4 High-Paying Careers with Job Security

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A surprising but extremely necessary career involves transport. Truckers make solid livings due to the need for transportation in exporting and importing. Businesses everywhere need to get their products delivered to various points, making skilled, safe drivers essential. While the average salary for truck drivers ranges between $35,350 and $50,000, there are several variables that increase that amount, such as:

  • Owning your own truck
  • Taking extra classes for certification, which can positively affect your insurance
  • Starting your own transport business
  • Or getting in with a solid, reputable company

There are so many rich careers that need qualified employees who are eager, excited, and willing to do a fantastic job. With such valuable payoffs as a guaranteed position and a high rate of pay, would you change your career?