There’s something innately frightening about going to the hospital. Part of it is likely due to the stress around health problems, but there’s also something about hospitals that just tends to be frightening. If you haven’t been to a hospital recently, though, you may have noticed the major changes made to make them less frightening. Below are just a few of the ways that the modern hospital has made itself less frightening than its counterpart from last century.

3 Ways The Modern Hospital Isn't Nearly As Scary As Last Century's

They’re Better Organized

Perhaps the biggest reason that hospitals are less scary today is the hard work of health administration professionals. These professionals have put a great deal of work into making sure that the hospitals are more efficient and thus less frightening for patients. This means shorter wait times, better hiring decisions, and a more consumer-focused strategy. Most of this work is done behind the scenes, but it plays a major role in making sure that patients feel more comfortable in modern hospitals. Additionally, the internet of things has given nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals the opportunity to even earn an online health administration masters degree without leaving their hospital jobs, which provides a more experienced and well-educated administrator.

They Pay Attention to Basic Psychology

Another way that hospitals have changed is the attention paid to the psychological well-being of patients. In most areas, the sterile corridors and industrial equipment have been replaced by better color schemes and more friendly-looking designs in the building. This might seem like a small change, but it’s something that has made a major change in the way that patients feel. While healing patients is always the priority in a hospital, spending a bit of extra time making sure that patients feel comfortable has been a major asset in the fight to make hospitals less frightening.

Technology is Making Things Safer

Finally, today’s hospital is simply safer than it has ever been. New techniques are being pioneered all the time and they’re often developed in response to a better call for patient safety. Even the hospital rooms contribute to the sense of safety and well-being in hospitals. When people know they stand a better chance of walking out of a hospital under their own power, the entire atmosphere of the building changes. This sense of optimism makes the average hospital much friendlier and much less frightening than in the past.

The modern hospital isn’t necessarily a scary place. Thanks to better organization, a focus on the psychological well-being of patients and cutting-edge technology, these buildings have returned to being places of healing rather than places of fear. If you’re in for a hospital stay, remember that thousands of hours have gone into making sure you feel as comfortable as possible.