We are a mixed society. The business world is a diverse group made up of old-time executives who conducted business with in-house employees and manual labor and high-tech employees that are ready to catapult your business to the next level with virtual reality.

As the millennials move closer to the executive positions, businesses are being slowly transformed. Many key players in the business market are finding that the culture shock of trying to change long-standing businesses with modern technology is frightening. Allowing software to track and calculate and even forecast business needs is cost-efficient and much more productive if CEO’s can pry their hands from the wheel and take advantage of the current high-tech trend.

Getting Started – Stopping the leaks

Regardless of the age of the CEO, there are a few factors that everyone agrees on. There are always leaks in the system. These leaks are where profits leak out. These leaks come from:

  • Employees wasting time
  • Ineffective or outdated tools
  • Ineffective marketing
  • Failure to track time
  • Failure to track marketing effectiveness
  • Not adjusting business with changing demographics
  • Outdated payment options

Employees wasting time – a major problem

Your sales team are rarely in the office. They work remotely and their job requires travel. You take their word for where they are and what they are doing. Most of the time a salesperson is out there working hard. But there are many times when they carve out a few hours for personal errands and appointments and you never know.

Your project manager is supposed to be on the job site with several of your workers. You accept his written timesheet without question. Perhaps a couple of the contractors are friends. In order to help his friend, one contractor punches in for his buddy who is late. You think they are both on the job, which is what you are paying them to do.

Ineffective or outdated tools

Like it or not, we are an internet world. You must have a current and well-maintained website. A boring or “cookie cutter” website will not draw your clients to you. They must have a reason to come back. That reason is finding new information, keeping up with what is going on in the company. They will want to go to your site first if there is a product issue. There must be a way to pay for products online.  Invoices must be clear and itemized. This is done by computer and errors are reduced. There is no excuse in 2017 not to have bill payment online.


You must be able to track employees, materials, labor, and project details online. You must be able to see when your product line evolves to include a different demographic and adjust your approach.

2. Clockspot

Clock spot is a highly regarded internet system that takes care of many of these problems. Employee’s clock in from their phone or computer. This stops the “buddy system”.  Clockspot allows you to monitor where all of your employees are at all times. No more wasted hours. Time sheets are done via the computer, saving time and money.

Clockspot allows you to track your labor costs, material costs, job status, employees, and you can easily see how your marketing program is shaping up. This is a must have. Set-up your Clockspot today. The savings begin immediately.

3 Tools Every Online Business Must Have

3 – Current payment options

Every business must-have a secure way to accept payments from clients with a credit card. In order to provide your clients with state of the art payment options, you need a Gateway set-up. The concept is simple. A Gateway set-up is a go-between. Your client pays you via credit card. Thar is sent to your Gateway set-up for immediate approval. Then the Gateway provider secures the credit card information so it is contained and cannot be stolen. You are removed from the manual tracking or surprises when the credit card is declined. Today’s market screams for this security. Get a Gateway set-up and keep the money you are wasting with paper trails.

Take full advantage of these items today. The ROI is immediate.